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Hello my name is Bob Turberville and I’ve been keeping bees on and off since 1988 but it wasn’t until I moved to Wales in 1995 that I began keeping more beehives in different places away from home. I'm proud to offer a quality honey that tastes much better, in my opinion, than honey in off-the-shelf jars offered by the bigger retail outlets. I only sell raw honey produced by my own bees. 'Raw' honey sounds a bit odd but it just means that it has it not been pasteurised or microfiltered.  I treat my honey gently before it goes into a jar: it's extracted and only coarse and medium filtered through metal sieves. You need only taste raw honey to realise the big difference between raw honey and processed honey. You've come to the right place where you can buy genuine raw honey and beeswax from Wales.

More About Raw Honey

Raw honey is not like the regular honey you buy off the shelf. It is honey that has been extracted from the honeycombs and then coarse filtered before being poured into jars. This preserves the character of the honey which tastes differently depending upon the time of year and the flowers the bees have been visiting. Turberville's honey is not pasteurised but coarse strained leaving pollen grains, enzymes and minerals intact which gives raw honey a distinct flavour and aroma.

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Is Your Honey Organic?

No, it is not organic because of where the hives are located. To be organic honey, my hives would have to be placed in an area where there is a four-mile radius of organic crops and/or uncultivated land around them to provide a source of nectar and pollen for honey bees.Due to the relatively small size of Welsh farms and the fragmented nature of uncultivated land in Wales means that I do not have any apiaries that meet the organic honey standards.As far as taste and purity is concerned, I'm confident that there is no difference between my honey and organic honey.

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