2022 season honey now available in the shop!

It's been a good summer for the bees and they have been able to bring in a surplus of honey. I can safely take honey off their hives whilst leaving them with plenty of stores fo...

Sep 15 , 2022

Robert Turberville

Bees take a fall in winter

My fault, I usually strap the hives down at this exposed mountain apiary. The fallen hive's bees were OK though if not exactly pleased when I put them the right way up - a good...

Jan 05 , 2021

Robert Turberville

Seen recently on an apiary visit

This wall lizard is comfortably sitting at the front of a beehive not bothered about the bees going back and forth nearby: The bees share a field which is managed to help the r...

Oct 30 , 2020

Robert Turberville

Is there an expiry or best before date for honey?

Just had a query from a customer about the best before date on the jar of honey she'd just received concerned that it was old stock. I put best before dates of 12 months hence ...

Aug 07 , 2020

Robert Turberville

Bees clean up

Gather round sisters and let's get this honey under cover. As soon as broken comb appears in the hive and honey gets exposed a work team of bees appears and starts mopping up o...

Aug 03 , 2020

Robert Turberville

Bee Glue

Honeybees collect resinous substances from certain plants and trees. This is called propolis and they collect it onto their pollen baskets looking like little shiny blobs. It's ...

Jul 29 , 2020

Robert Turberville